April 25, 2013

Custom Grocery Tote for $1! I'll take one, please!

I found this great deal on York Photo. I bought a customized grocery tote for just $1 (plus S&H)! It was a great deal that has so many benefits:
  • Using one cloth reusable bag can save up to 6 plastic bags a week....or 24 bags a month....or 288 bags a year....or 22,176 bags in a lifetime![1]
  • Hang it on your cart and it'll serve as FREE advertising for YOUR business! (instead of advertising the place you purchased your bag)
  • It will be easier to remember to bring it shopping since you customized it.
  • Save some money grocery shopping (if your grocery store offers an incentive for bringing your own bag)
  • Avoid bag tax (in some areas where it applies)
If you own a small business, I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer since it expires April 30th! I would love to see a friend of mine advertise her shopping business with one of these bags while she's bargain shopping in store aisles! You could use this bag as a gift bag, eliminating the need to throw the gift bag away once it has served its purpose holding a gift. This bag makes a quick overnight bag, with enough room to hold a change of clothes and 1 pair of shoes. I'll post more about the tote bag once it comes in the mail, giving you a detailed rundown of its quality and such.

I can't believe I forgot to mention where I found this awesome deal! I found this through a cash back offer through InboxDollars! So... I bought this grocery bag for $1 (plus S&H) and received $3 back towards a check from InboxDollars.
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[1] Fact from: http://www.squidoo.com/reusable-bags-benefits
Some other bag ideas from: http://voices.yahoo.com/benefits-reusable-grocery-bags-7471862.html