June 7, 2015

Need some spare money? Try these quick moneymakers!

Need some instant cash? I have compiled a few sites that worked to get me cash almost instantly!
With the following moneymakers, I have read over the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policies and they appear to be safe and contain no hidden fees or spyware or anything crazy of that nature. I would advise you to re-read each site's Terms and Conditions from time to time as they are liable to be changed at any time. I have personally used each and every one of these moneymakers in order to share these with you as legitimate ways to make money.


Well, I earned $1 instantly to my PayPal for simply joining and following the first of a long list of tasks guaranteed to make you money! That's convincing enough! I look forward to finishing all of the steps to create my automated wealth system! Just check this one out, it's new and interesting! http://bit.ly/1Ba4Kc7


Wouldn't it be nice to have a universal currency? BitCoin was invented back in 2008 and is working to be the universal online currency. A major plus for converting to online payments is less fees for businesses. Less fees for businesses mean lower prices for us consumers!
When you join BitCoin, you will receive 4424 points which equal to $1. When you fully activate your account, by supplying your bank account details, you will receive an additional 22120 points that equal $5. So you will have received $6 to become a part of the future of online payments. You can then withdraw these funds to your bank account or stick around to refer a few friends and watch your BitCoins grow! http://bit.ly/1cEojNU


At first, I will admit having a company connected to my bank account made me a little uneasy but I took a chance anyway. This Digit savings program is pretty cool after all! I have lived paycheck to paycheck for a very long time and was under the impression that I would NEVER be able to save a penny! Digit has proven me wrong! With Digit, you do not reveal your banking information to them, you actually just log into your online account so the program can analyze your spending habits. The program will then let you know how much you can save and, by default, will transfer the amount you can afford to save over to a separate money account under Digit. You will not earn interest with this account because the interest is used to fund Digit and keep it FREE. Honestly, it's not the best if you have money to actively save from month to month, but if you are living paycheck to paycheck, it should inspire you to save anything you can afford. This brings up the saying, "A penny saved, is a penny earned." The saying is definitely true when you become a Digit user! How do you earn money with Digit? You can refer friends and family to this program and let them see how Digit can inspire them to save! http://bit.ly/1eWQEkr


FreeEats is a site that will pay you to view ads from various vendors. In order to start receiving these ads you have to have referred a certain amount of people. I am assuming they are saving in advertising fees by turning this into a word-of-mouth advertisement. For a limited time, FreeEats is paying people $1 to sign up. The payment is made INSTANTLY to your PayPal account. FreeEats will also pay you $2 for every person you refer who also signs up with FreeEats. The cap on referral payments is said to be $50 although I have seen people claim to have made well over $150 with FreeEats referrals. http://bit.ly/1MgqgfL


I have mentioned InboxDollars a few times in my writings over the last few years. InboxDollars has been a good one for me. They have many ways to make money for FREE, as well as coupons, surveys, cashback rebates, videos, and just so much more! I have used InboxDollars on and off for years and have cashed out $120+ from them just in my very spare time. http://bit.ly/1KOpMgD

These next few sites and/or apps will help you generate points that you can convert to gift cards. Gift cards are as good as cash!

With Feature Points, you earn points by downloading featured apps. Simple as that. Earn HUGE point bonuses by referring friends to do the same! These points can then be redeemed for gift cards. Very simple and you might find a game you love to play! http://bit.ly/1HUUkdx

SwagBucks is another oldie but goodie! Also very simple and for converting points to gift cards. You complete tasks from answering polls, watching videos, downloading apps, cashback shopping, and more to receive points. http://bit.ly/1AZthAA

Like I said, gift cards are as good as cash these days! Here is yet another site where you can perform tasks, answer surveys, questionnaires and such and redeem the points for gift cards. By using gift cards for items you want and need you can then save your cash for bills and such. You only need 500 pts to redeem for $5! That can pretty much be done in a few continuous hours... all for FREE! http://bit.ly/1AZtXWD

I would love to hear any additional ways you all earn money online and for FREE. If there any I haven't touched on, feel free to comment below or email me: julecb@gmail.com Please use subject: Moneymakers