September 16, 2015

Wow I have to tell you about my THRIVE Experience!

So it's been a while. Shame on me. I have been really working on increasing my income in the direct sales world. I haven't gotten too far yet but things are slowly looking up. My most recent business endeavor is with Le-Vel's THRIVE Experience. Le-Vel has been around since 2012. When I first saw their DFT, derma fusion technology, I was definitely interested in how the technology was going to benefit people.
Time went by and I never attempted to join even though the opportunity has always been FREE. Why? Honestly, I have no clue why I didn't give it a try back then. Who knows where I would be financially if I had simply started in 2012.
As far as my THRIVE Experience, I am what they call a Day 1 THRIVEr. This means that I experienced a wave of increased physical and mental clarity the first day that I exposed my body to the nutrients that make up the products. The day I tried the DFT Ultra by itself, I was out in the sun watching my daughter cheerlead in her first football game. It was extremely hot that day and I had not had enough to drink. My body was responding like crazy! In a sense it was a little scary because I grew pretty angry being out in the extreme heat. I don't like spending a lot of time in the heat. I tend to get dehydrated quickly and end up nauseous and with major pain and discomfort in my head. With the DFT Ultra, I could feel I was getting to that familiar point of being ill. My body just would not go over the edge. I seriously should have been vomiting and completely done for the rest of the day based on the factors I was facing but I believe the DFT saved me! I was able to bare the pain and discomfort in my head enough to rehydrate myself. I had to work my part-time job later in the evening and there was no way I could call-out.
By the time I arrived at work, I was still experiencing a rush of energy even though I just knew I was exhausted. Any other day, I would procrastinate on my work tasks and just sit around until the last hour to go ahead and complete all of my tasks. I found that I just could not sit down!
In all honesty, the rush I felt was a little more energy than I wanted to have but it comes to show that the DFT had some major benefits for me that day. I should have been down and out for the rest of the day but Le-Vel's DFT kept me going. No longer do I have to lose precious time when I am experiencing pain and discomfort in my head. Hopefully, by continuing to use the complete THRIVE Experience, my days of pains and discomfort in my head are over. Only time will tell and I will keep sharing my opinions of the THRIVE Experience.
I have since opted to downgrade to the original DFT since I am still in the beginning stages of using the Le-Vel products. I love the mental clarity I experience when using the products and wish I had started years ago. The lack of focus I have without using THRIVE has caused me to lose out on some career opportunities in the past. I also experience an increased feeling of happiness with having an extra boost of energy. No task in front of me seems impossible! I could go on and on about my personal experience but I would rather hear how Le-Vel has helped you!
I invite you to give Le-Vel a try! Take a look and see if any of the products interest you here: There are a few options I offer to help you establish your own, personal Le-Vel Experience:
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Seriously, I cannot wait to THRIVE with you!