November 6, 2020

Earn $75 when you join Chime!

Earn $75 When You Join Chime!

Join Chime and Earn $75

 Have you heard of Chime?

Chime is a trendy, prepaid online bank account that allows you to receive your paycheck via direct deposit up to 2 days early! (This will also depend on your bank). I have been utilizing online banking for years and I am totally addicted to receiving my paycheck a few days in advance. In addition to being an online bank account, Chime analyzes your monthly spending habits and helps you budget!

How do I earn $75?

In order to earn $75, utilize this link to join as a referral of mine and follow the directions below. (No worries, you will also receive your own personalized link to refer YOUR friends and family to join so you get a $75 for each one of them.) Then, go ahead and enter all of your details. You will need to provide a social security number as well because of the Patriot Act passed in the U.S. years ago... basically all money transactions need to be attached to a person. You can read the Patriot Act here but basically it was passed to deter money laundering in the early 2000s.

How to Join Chime & Earn $75!

You can earn up to $1000 in referral money via Chime per calendar year!

  1. Start here with my referral link --> Join Chime (must join before December 30, 2020 for this promotion)
  2. Enter your details to create your new Chime account.
  3. Download the Chime app and log in.
  4. Allow Chime to access your bank account. (Remember: In addition to being an online bank account, Chime analyzes your monthly spending habits and helps you budget!)
  5. Retrieve your Chime routing and account number.
  6. Set up or update your direct deposit information with your employer.
  7. Ensure a direct deposit of at least $200 deposits to your Chime account within 45 days of opening your Chime account.
  8. According to Chime's website, we will both receive a credit of $75 to our Chime accounts "within two (2) business days after qualifying funds are first deposited into the referred individual's new Account".
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