September 23, 2015

Moms, are you looking to increase traffic to your website?

I have come across a website that works to get you listed at the top of the major search engines such a Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I have also included this information on my other website so don't be alarmed if you find this post on another blog out there in the internet world. The site that I found is called Link Collider and it is totally free to join! If you would like to skip reading this post and go to the Link Collider website right away then click here.
I use Link Collider periodically to boost traffic to some of my direct sales websites. As a mother, it is hard to  be out and about finding new customers for the products that I sell. The internet is a huge primary source to receive traffic to my website as I do not like to constantly pester family and friends about the products I sell. I have found that asking friends and family to keep an eye out for someone who can benefit from the products works way better. Allow me to tell you a little more about Link Collider and what it can do to help boost traffic to your website or videos.

Example Link Collider affiliate banner

Link Collider is pretty much a huge network of people like myself who are looking for ways to boost their ranks on search engines.With this site, like minded people will come together in order to help each other. You can boost your site by performing simple tasks such as Liking A Facebook Page, Tweeting A Link to Twitter, Visiting Websites, Sharing Links via Facebook, Sharing YouTube Channels and Videos, and many more quick and simple tasks. In exchange for these simple tasks, you receive tokens that you can use to place your website into the queue of tasks so that others can share your website, tweet your links, or any other type of traffic generation that you are seeking. Not at all bad for a free service.
There are other valuable tools on the site you can purchase using your earned tokens such as Backlinks Generator, Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Unique Article Generator, and more. Now, some of these tools can be found online for free while many sites make you pay for their services. The one feature I find the most interesting is the Unique Article Generator. Pretty much how this works is you can find a great article online, copy and paste it into this tool, and it will change the entire article for you so that you can use it for yourself in a blog or website of your own. Upon trying this tool out on another site (sorry I cannot remember where), I have found that this tool may literally replace major words using a thesaurus script. You will definitely have to have some sort of grammar and vocabulary knowledge in order to edit the created article so that it actually makes sense. If you are experiencing an extreme case of writer's block, then this tool can be a major lifesaver and get you started. You can then easily rewrite the entire created content into your own words. I recommend citing any source that you use and checking their copyright policies if you are placing the content on a site that is meant to make you money.
On top of all the great features I mentioned, anyone who creates an account automatically receives an affiliate link that can be shared to generate some commissions. You will only receive commissions if your referral purchases paid features of Link Collider. Now everyday people may not need the paid features of Link Collider but there are plenty of entrepreneurs and small business owners that may not have thought to utilize these features to expand their business. If you are lucky enough to come across this market of people, you may generate a lot of residual income that will be paid to you via PayPal. Take a minute to check out this site. The layout is very fresh and straightforward. You can check out Link Collider here.