November 12, 2020

Get Paid for Reviewing Products & Audio Clips

 Get Paid for Reviewing

Products & Audio Clips

I literally just discovered a website where you can get paid to review products and audio clips. The website is called SliceThePie. The products you will review look to be items that are still in the development stage. You will be rating products on their style, potential price point, and practicality. As far as the audio clips, you have the option to review music, customer service calls, and audio clips like voiceovers. I just completed my first review in less than 3 minutes and received $0.11. Payments are made via PayPal so you'll want to be sure you have an account set up first. What makes this opportunity nice is that you only need to earn $10 in order to cash out where many sites will require you to reach at least $25.

Refer Friends & Family and Receive up to 20% of Their Earnings!

Join SliceThePie and refer friends to receive up to 20% of their earnings. You'll receive 20% of their earnings for 60 days and then 10% after 60 days. Once you join, you'll receive your own referral link to share.