September 22, 2015

A Negative Review about Le-Vel's THRIVE Experience

Here is one of the only negative reviews you will probably find on the internet about Le-Vel's THRIVE Experience, why? Because their products work. Now, of course, there will be people who should not use the products due to allergies and other health conditions. People who are at risk of major cardiovascular problems probably shouldn't use this product. Most of the negative reviews will come from those who decided to start the regimen without using common sense. I mean that in the most respectful way possible. For example, my mother is a diabetic, has had a stroke in the past, and has cardiovascular problems. Am I going to even attempt to let her take any type of supplements that contain anything that can increase or decrease heart rate, increase or decrease blood sugar, or cause any type of symptoms related to the medications that she is on? Absolutely not. As much as it would be amazing if these products totally turned her situation around, the benefits do not outweigh the risk for her. Another example, I have always had sensitive skin. If I place anything adhesive on my arm, should I expect there to be some sort of mark when I take it off? Absolutely! So in my case, when I am using Le-Vel's DFT (derma fusion technology) device, I am sure to remove it with care so as not to further irritate my delicate skin.
Anytime a person is introducing a new supplement into their lives, they should always seek advise from their physician to be sure the benefits they are looking for far outweigh the risks. I have allergies and sinusitis. Learning that the Le-Vel DFT contains Forslean, a product that can interfere with a user's allergies, I made the decision to skip my allergy medicines and nasal sprays when I started the product. My asthma is not to the point where it is a life-threatening experience, so skipping the medicine does not cause a major issue in my life. Whereas, someone with severe asthma who uses their rescue inhaler on a weekly or biweekly basis, should probably not skip their medicine to try the DFT unless they have been cleared by their doctor to do so. For me, I have found that the combination of nutrients that are in the DFT are extremely helpful, allowing me to breathe freely throughout the course of my entire day. Will this be your experience? Maybe, and maybe not. The THRIVE Experience is designed to fill nutrient gaps.
The THRIVE Experience can help people benefit in the following areas:

  • Weight Management 
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Digestive & Immune Support 
  • Joint Support
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • Aches & Discomfort Relief
  • Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support
Now there are no miracle products out there that will allow you to have extremely noticeable changes overnight. Well, actually there is, and it's called surgery. If you truly know how your body and your mental state and your reactions to many situations, you may find that you have experienced a world of benefits. If you have never paid attention to the way you walk and how fast, how much you eat, how active you are during the day, how you sleep, what makes your body ache, and the things that make your heart jump (frightful situations), then you probably won't notice a thing and have a negative review to share. Or maybe you're already a member of a company that sells similar products. You may be used to how your current product makes you feel to the point that you cannot tell any difference between that product and Le-Vel's products. Or, your opinion is so biased, that you just don't even give Le-Vel the time of day. Be wary of the opinions that are out there about products that you are researching.
In trying to find a "good" negative review about Le-Vel's products, the only reviews I can find are that of people who are trying to sell you something totally different. I would guarantee that you can take the author's name and perform a Google search for "negative reviews about [insert any other company's product]" you will find another review by the same author or the review will contain the same affiliate link to another company. It is really a shame that there are people out there in the network marketing world that will push their affiliate link so hard that they cannot allow the reviews of legitimate product testers to achieve high search engine ranks. I would love for my posts to reach the top of the search engine but I am not going to completely bash a company's products that I haven't even tried to sell you a subscription to a "Free Leads" website or sites of that sort. Once again people, please check the sources of your reviews, there are plenty of fakes out there trying to make a penny. I try to post the most honest reviews and  more personable posts in the world but many will go unseen because of the crooked, networking professionals on the internet.
If you would like to hear more about my Thrive Experience so far, I would love to share with you my total honest review of the products as well as other products I have tried in the past.