April 12, 2013

My NEW Favorite Water Bottle: A Brief Review of the Copco Hydra Bottle 16.9oz

I was about to checkout at my local Jo Ann Fabrics store when I saw these cute water bottles near the front checkout. What a way to create an impulse purchase! You can never need enough water bottles, right? The Copco Hydra Bottle is the exact shape of your average recyclable (normally disposed though) water bottle but it is made with far thicker plastic, that, you can tell just by looking at it. I picked one up to give it a closer look and was immediately sold! It unscrews not only at the top but also at about 1/3 of the way from the top so you can fill it up with almost any size or shape of ice. I know I've had plenty of days of trying to squeeze cubes of ice into my water bottle and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Knowing I had had one too many sodas lately, I was excited to enjoy an icy, cold bottle of water anytime I wanted to as a way healthier alternative. That's what I'm going for these days... healthier alternatives. Yeah, I did not say d-i-e-t. That 4-letter word will sometimes set you up for failure. I'll dig into that topic later. I took some pictures of the bottle before I tried it out but my RAZR Maxx HD (brand new by the way) is acting up. I'll dig into that later, too. So here are a couple pictures of it after being used for 2 days.
Here it is! I'm thinking maybe I should have bought the green one.

With the 2nd top off.

I'll admit my icemaker is a little confused right now and puts out huge clumps of ice instead of single cubes. I was a little worried but the mammoth ice clumps fit perfectly in my Hydra Bottle. I have had one can soda today and enjoyed at least four full Hyda Bottles of water today. So far, so good. I bought the Copco Hydra Bottle for $7.99 at Jo Ann Fabrics (although I've seen it online for more for some reason) and have used it at least 6 times. It has pretty much paid for itself assuming a single 16.9oz bottle of water sells for $1.29. My only problem with the Copco Hydra Bottle is that I wish it was bigger!!! For the fact that you're supposed to put ice in it, I believe it should hold at least 20oz of water.

Get yours here!