December 3, 2020

Earn Cash Back on Every Purchase!

Earn Cash Back on Every Purchase!

Earn Cash Back with Rakuten

How would you like to earn cash back on every purchase you make? Most retailers offer at least 1% cash back on every purchase you make, but many retailers offer 3%-5% and up to 20% back around holidays. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but it's free money given to you at no cost and with almost zero effort. With the recent pandemic, ordering online is quickly becoming the safest way to shop for goods so why not earn some extra money while you're at it?

This ultimate cash back website is called Rakuten. If you've ever used Ebates before, you'll be happy to know that Ebates simply changed their name to Rakuten. Right now Rakuten is offering an exclusive new member bonus. New members will receive a bonus $40 in cash back after making a purchase of at least $40. What's the catch? Well, you have to be referred by a current Rakuten member to qualify for the bonus. You can sign up with my Rakuten link here and you have until December 31, 2020, to make a qualifying purchase. No worries, Rakuten is 100% free to join.

We often only shop at top retailers. With Rakuten, you'll be able to explore an endless number of other reputable websites that are desperate for your business. You'll find links to major retailers, too, but why not support a smaller business who is offering a larger amount of cash back. You can easily earn cash back by simply visiting the Rakuten website, downloading the app, or installing the browser extension, or all of the above to maximize your earning potential!

I was a member of Ebates back in the day but I never took advantage of their services because I wasn't a huge online shopper back then. I was pleased to see that my Ebates account seamlessly transferred over when they changed their name. I recently logged in and placed my first 2 cash back orders and I have already received my cash back, even though my orders haven't arrived at my home yet! You can't get any better than that! Plus, if you miss a transaction or something is just not right, you can always contact their outstanding customer service team who will be able to research your concerns and help you get any cash back you have missed!

Sign up for Rakuten and start earning cash back on all of your purchases today!